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Organically Blended Fertilizer

All of our Organically Blended Fertilizers contain absolutely no filler which means that you are not wasting your hard earned cash on fillers that have no nutritional value.

Maize roots

Organically Enhanced

Chemical Fertilizer

No Fertilizer

Organic Matter boosts the efficiency of Fertilizers

All of our Organically Enhanced Fertilizers contain Calkonutrium® : a végétal premix rich in sugar, micro-elements and aminoacides, which guarantees the strong soil inoculation of the microbiological complex, and which also has a huge biological stimulation of the plant.

List of our Organically Blended Fertilizers:

  • OFMB Organic Top Dressing 30% N + S

  • OFMB Gypsum + Organic 30% N + S

  • OFMB Dolomitic Lime + Organic 30%

  • OFMB 2.3.2(22) + Zn + S + Organic

  • OFMB 2.3.2(30) + Zn + S + Organic

  • OFMB 5.7.10(22) + Zn + S + Organic

  • OFMB 2.3.4(30) + Zn + S + Organic

  • OFMB 4.2.1(28) + Zn + S + Organic

  • OFMB 7.6.6(19) + Zn + S + Organic

OFMB is not limited to these products. We can make any fertilizer you require.

Several of our Standard Fertilizers

Click below for our Chemical Blends

Click below for our Organic Fertilizers

A Consensus has emerged that the highest and most sustainable gains in crop production are achieved from the integration of Organic and Chemical Fertilizer components.

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