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Chemical Blended Fertilizers

Although our business is to promote Organically Blended Fertilizers we can blend ANY Chemical Fertilizer.

The following are examples of Chemical Fertilizers we can make:

  • OFMB 2.3.2(22)

  • OFMB 2.3.2(30)

  • OFMB 2.3.4(30)

  • OFMB 4.2.1(28)

  • OFMB 7.6.6(19)

  • OFMB 5.7.10(22)

OFMB is not limited to these products. We can make any fertilizer you require.

Click below for our Organic Fertilizers

Click below for our Organically Blended Fertilizers

A Consensus has emerged that the highest and most sustainable gains in crop production are achieved from the integration of Organic and Chemical Fertilizer components.

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