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OFMB Okavango Eco Organic 

Langfos which is the only

Organic Phosphate bearing 

sedimentary rock mined in

South Aftrica

Langfos contains 8-10% Phosphate

and 20% Calcium 

With the exception of cobalt (Co) which is more important to animals, Langfos provides essential iron (Fe), sulphur (S), magnesium (Mg), molybdenum (Mo) and zinc (Zn). All of these contribute in supplementing soil reserves where Langfos is a regular part of the fertilisation


Calkonutrium® : a végétal premix rich in sugar, micro-elements and aminoacides, which guarantees the strong soil inoculation of the microbiological complex, and has a huge biological stimulation of the plant.

Calkonutrium can be added to any of our fertilizers

Speciality Ingredients:

Photo above is of maize roots with the control on the left and the addition of Calkonutrium® on the right

The Photo is of wheat roots with the same rate of NPK. MOP was the source of K on the left, SOP  was the source of K in the middle and SOP and Calkonutrium® on the right.

MOP has 45 times the level of Chlorine compared to SOP and we all know that Chlorine is added to drinking water to kill microbes.

Calkonutrium Microbial Information


Role of Azotobacter

Potential use of Azotobacter

Nitrogen Fixation Capacity

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