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Kalahari Eco Organic 

Speciality Cosmocel Ingredients:

H85 – Soil activator.

Humus derived from leonhardite is ideal to improve mineral uptake from soil nutrients and fertilizers. It is a wettable powder for soil application, containing 850g per kilo of humic and fluvic acids extracted from leonhardite.

Benefits are:

  • Converts unavailable nutrients into soluble forms which the plant can use.

  • Holds exchangeable nutrients

  • Improves the soil’s moisture conditions (porosity, drainage and holding capacity)

  • Buffers soil salts

  • Increases the microbial activity in the soil

  • Increases the solubility of reserve calcium and magnesium



Liquid formula for the treatment of saline, sodic and compacted soils based on the benefits from carboxylic and organic compounds in its composition.

Benefits are:

  • It accelerates the process of sodium/calcium exchange

  • promotes the formation of aggregates

  • helps reduce the EC to foster better washing of salts

  • increases the hydraulic conductivity and the mobility of nutrients

  • helps to foster better root development an utilization of nutrients

  • improves the conditions and environment for the roots.


Induces root formation and strengthen root development with phosphorus, potassium, free L-amino acids and organic extracts.

Benefits are:

  • It will assist in overcoming the stress of transplantation and reduce mortality.

  • It will induce root formation

  • It will strengthen root development

Mainstay Calcium:

Liquid suspension of calcium and special adjuvants, which facilitate the rapid and effective uptake of calcium by the plant.

Benefits are:

  • High calcium concentration without nitrates, chlorides or sulphates.

  • Faster plant uptake

  • Micro-shield technology, no fixing in the soil

Cob on the right from Cosmocel treated Maize

Soilex:       Apply 3 litres/ha as a soil application. This needs to be washed in properly (like 30mm of water). The idea is to get as much Soilex in the area of root system as possible. The cleaner you get the area, the more available water and nutrients will be to the plant. Apply Soilex first in order to ensure a good clean environment for future nutrient applications.
H85:      Will ensure that all nutrients are available  to the plant. This also softens (Ca/Mg ratio) up the soil in order for the plant to have a friendly environment to grow in. As a start apply 2kg/ha as soil application. Make sure this product is well diluted in the mixing tank.
Cosmoroot:      Stimulates root growth which is the factory of any plant. The better the root system, the better, healthier, bigger, more productive plant you will have. As a start apply 2kg/ha soil application. H85 and Cosmoroot can be applied together.

General Application Guidelines

Channel Four

Channel Four

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Watch the video which shows the effectivness of Cosmocel H85 and Cosmoroot (Rootex)

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